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E Safety

Technology is developing at a speed not previously experienced, meaning that online safety is now an integral part of children’s education in today’s digital world.  The safety of your child online is something we take very seriously in school and is part of our computing curriculum.   We appreciate that it is an area that some parents find confusing and difficult to keep up with.  Therefore, we want to help our parents and children improve their own understanding of e-safety issues so they can learn to use the internet and all digital media in a safe and secure way. 


We have a recently introduced a team of Digital Leaders, who have been trained by the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. This aims to inspire young people to encourage others to use technology in a positive way in the school or local community.  The Digital Leaders are interested in technology, trust worthy and classroom role models and have a range of responsibilities, including: delivering assemblies, fundraising for new equipment and supporting peers in lessons.  


Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders 1 Grace
Digital Leaders 2 Starr
Digital Leaders 3 Ben
Digital Leaders 4 Spencer
Digital Leaders 5 Amelia
Digital Leaders 6 Ada
Digital Leaders 7 Patrick
Digital Leaders 8 Elizabeth
Digital Leaders 9 Kathryn
Digital Leaders 10 Alba
Digital Leaders 11 Vaishnavi
Digital Leaders 12 Aron

Gooseberry Planet Demo

Gooseberry Parent is an engaging and innovative approach to teaching e-Safety. Pupils face real-life online scenarios to which they must respond, whilst simultaneously collecting stars and competing with their class mates. The game levels address a broad range of topics concerning current online threats. Furthermore, once connected to your child's account, you will be able see how your child is reacting within the game and the resource area is full of tips and advice to learn and be part of your child’s learning journey. It also gives hints and tips about different aspects of Internet safety.

Have you connected to your child's gooseberry planet account? See the instructions below.,-apps-and-tech/all


Parent Info provides support and advice to parents, with contributions from the leading experts and organisations in matters related to young people and families in a digital world.