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House Pages

Welcome to our House Pages!

We have four house: Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Venus. There is a great deal of friendly rivalry between the houses and we have lots of house competitons for the children to take part in, such as quizzes, sports day and lots more! 

Children earn housepoints as a result of good work in lessons, being helpful, taking on responsibility and performing well. Each term the house with the most points wins the housepoint cup. The current total for each house is given on the home page. 

Each of our houses is represented by a colour:

Venus      Blue
Mercury    Red
Saturn     Yellow
Jupiter     Green 

The children wear the colour of their houses in the PE shirts.
Our houses are led by captains and vice captains from Year 6 who are elected by the Junior pupils. Our house leaders for this year will be announced soon:

House Captains and Vice Captains

    Venus  Mercury  Saturn  Jupiter
Boys' House Captain Ollie Thomas B Jake G Jasper
Girls' House Captain Isabelle E Jessica Charlotte M Lucy
Boys' Vice-Captain Angelo Thomas W Oliver M Oliver N
Girls' Vice-Captain Nikki Vaishnavi Alina Zainab

There is a supporting teacher for each house. This year the supporting teachers are:

Venus:       Miss Fenton & Mrs Jones
Mercury:   Miss Lomas & Mrs Thorner
Saturn:      Miss Rogers & Miss Macmillan
Jupiter:      Mrs Cook & Mrs West

Each house has a web page with many more exciting facts and opinions, so please read on!