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At Little Chalfont Primary School, pupils have access to an enriched knowledge-engaged curriculum. We provide a practical and challenging approach to maths and science to complement the exciting and detailed English provision. Specialised teachers provide unique opportunities in DT and French. Enrichment is at the heart of what we do: we use Chromebooks to blog and code; we nurture our chickens and use their eggs in our cooking lessons; we enjoy sport in our X-Games and compete against other schools; we utilise our school grounds managing the pond and planting trees and we immerse our community in British Science Week.


We enjoy reading and have many parent helpers who support us. We follow the Oxford Reading Tree and use a combination of Phonics Bugs and Phonics Play to develop our reading skills.


A thorough curriculum review is underway to ensure that our curriculum is linked to our core values: Ready. Respectful. Resilient. We combine detailed subject knowledge with the appropriate skills to provide a rounded education for all of our pupils. Children at Little Chalfont Primary School experience practical, purposeful learning that promotes creativity and independence.