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LCPS Supermarket Voucher Scheme

Supermarket Voucher Order Form

How much money do you spend in store at Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose and/or John Lewis each month?  Even if you shop on-line (and the vouchers can also be used on-line at Waitrose and John Lewis in any event), do you get your petrol from Tesco? Do you do top-up shops in Tesco Express or Little Waitrose?  If so, you could be raising vital funds for the school at absolutely no cost to yourself every time you shop (while still collecting your Clubcard/Nectar points)! We, as a school, are very lucky to be members of the scheme as it is now closed to new members.  Last year, we raised £2,738 through the scheme (all of which came from the supermarkets', not parents', pockets).  Yet some of the other schools in the scheme are raising much more, so there is huge potential...
If every family purchased just £50 of Tesco vouchers every month, it would raise £5,460 per year for the PTA! That would be equivalent to approximately one third of what the PTA raised through all of its fundraising ventures IN TOTAL last year (and about double what we raised through the voucher scheme).  We would raise even more if every family bought £50 of John Lewis/Waitrose vouchers (a staggering £8,190) and the equivalent amount of Sainsburys vouchers would raise £4,368.  Don't forget that vouchers can also be purchased by grandparents and other family members, as well as friends/neighbours.
Given that the school needs approximately £10,000 each year just to ensure it has functioning and up-to-date ITC equipment (interactive whiteboards, computers, iPads, etc, all of which are currently funded by the PTA), the money raised by the PTA is absolutely essential if we want our children to continue benefiting from the excellent resources the PTA currently provides, which includes much much more than ITC equipment, of course...
It's so easy to join the scheme - you can do so in any combination of the following three simple ways:
  1. Set up a standing order using the following details:- LCPS PTA Voucher Scheme, Sort Code: 60-01-15, Account No: 44634781 and email to tell us what you want.  The vouchers can be from just one supermarket, or a combination.  
  2. Transfer money for ad hoc sums using the same bank details and email address as above.
  3. Buy vouchers directly from the PTA in the playground, paying in cash, cheque or card.

Below are some FAQs to give you some more detail on how the scheme works.  At the top of the page is a form you can use to order vouchers, hard copies of which are available by the PTA box near the school office.


In the meantime, if you have any queries on the scheme, please contact us on or speak to a member of the PTA and we would be more than happy to help.


Many thanks for your continued support.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does the scheme work?

Instead of paying for your shopping by credit/debit card or cash, you pay with a gift card or vouchers purchased from the PTA.  The PTA receives a commission for purchasing gift vouchers/gift cards.  The PTA receives the following commission - Sainsbury’s £4, Tesco £5 and John Lewis/Waitrose £7.50 for every £100 of vouchers ordered.


The scheme runs for the 12 months of the year.            


How does it work at Tesco?

For Tesco you are issued with electronic gift cards for each order which are available in £20 and £50 denominations to the value of your order.  These cards can be used in all Tesco stores, Tesco petrol stations, Tesco Direct, Entertainment and Wine by the Case. 


  • Clubcard points will be awarded for your spend as if you have paid in cash.
  • Cards will be scanned at the till whenever you shop and any remaining balance gets saved until your next shop and lasts five years.  Cards are disposed of when there is a nil balance.
  •  At the moment Tesco gift cards cannot be used to buy groceries on line.
  • Gift cards should be treated as cash because if they are lost they cannot be replaced.


How does it work at Sainsbury’s?

For Sainsbury’s you are issued with an electronic gift card for your first order.  For subsequent orders this gift card is remotely topped up each month to the value of your order.  This gift card can be used in-store.


  • Nectar points will be awarded in the same way as if payment was made via cash.
  • At present Sainsbury’s gift cards cannot be used online or at Sainsbury’s petrol stations.
  • If your card is lost/stolen it can be replaced and monies transferred to a replacement card.  Please ensure that Sainsbury’s are notified immediately because any monies spent on a stolen card cannot be refunded.


How does it work at John Lewis/Waitrose?

For John Lewis you are issued with paper vouchers in £10, £25 or £50 denominations for each order to the value of your order.  These vouchers can be used in-store at John Lewis and Waitrose, and can also be used online at and  Change is given in-store if you don’t spend the whole amount. 


  • Gift vouchers should be treated as cash because if they are lost they cannot be replaced.
  • The gift vouchers have no expiry date.
  • Change is given in-store if you don’t spend the whole amount.
  • If goods purchased online total less than the value of the gift voucher, any balance will be left as a credit for you with and


How can I pay for vouchers?

  1. Standing order, fill in the form and take it to your bank or, alternatively set up your standing order using internet banking. This works very well if you want to order the same amount each month and it has the benefit of you not having to remember to make a payment each month.
  2. Online payments. This works well if you have access to online banking and is particularly useful if you want to make a last minute order.
  3. Cheque, cash or card in person.


Bank details for standing orders or online payments:-


LCPS PTA Voucher Scheme

Sort Code: 60-01-15

Account No: 44634781 


Please note the scheme runs for 12 months a year.  However we do not take delivery of physical vouchers in the month of August, so we can only do the Sainsbury’s top ups as these are done remotely.  This means for those of you ordering John Lewis or Tesco vouchers you have the option of setting up a standing order each year up to July or if you prefer an open ended one.  If you opt for an open ended standing order, we will give double vouchers in September. 


Can my order be amended?

We will always try to accommodate amendments and we would greatly appreciate any additional one off orders e.g. extra at Christmas time/wedding gift/one off purchase.  Payment for these could be via cheque or bank transfer.  Please contact us and advise as soon as possible of any issues and we will try and help if we can, our aim is to make the administration as smooth as possible.


When will I be able to collect my vouchers?

Your vouchers will be available for collection from school and we will require a signature to confirm that you have received your vouchers. We will email you to tell you when they are ready for collection. If you do not collect from school we will make alternative collection arrangements.


Please note we will not be able to send vouchers home with the children.


Who do I contact with any questions about my order?

The vouchers team are Sally Myers and Jacque Purnell. They are at school most days or can be contacted at