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Outdoor Learning

At Little Chalfont Primary School we place a strong emphasis on enriching our curriculum through outdoor learning. We are fortunate to have extensive grounds which creates lots of opportunities for learning.






In March 2018 we transformed an overgrown waste area to the side of school into an area with a pond and many varieties of trees which in time will develop into a woodland area. We introduced 11 goldfish, 3 carp and approximately 200 baby froglets into the pond area. These were grown from frogspawn in our Reception class. The photos below show the waste area as it was slowly transformed into an area for the children to access as a resource for their learning.

LCPS Sculpture Garden:

In June 2018, our talented Year 6 children created some sculptures out of redundant materials found around the school site. The theme this year was 'Living Things.' The photos below highlight all the hard work the children and Mrs Nowlan put into these amazing creations

Our Brood of Chickens

In the autumn of 2018, Mr Patten and Mr Morey collected two hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust. In their previous lives, the chickens had been battery hens laying eggs daily and living in very cramped conditions. Now, along with other chickens kindly donated by a local family, they enjoy the roam of the pond area. The children take turns to look after the chickens and we use them to help us learn about life cycles and living things in science.