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Star Writer

Once a month, we celebrate 'Star Writer'. Each class teacher chooses a child from their class who has shown exceptional effort, perseverance and application within a piece of writing. This child becomes a 'Star Writer'. Their work is displayed in the school foyer, posted on ClassDojo and here on the school website in order to celebrate their learning.

February 2019

Congratulations to Aileen, Teddy, Ayden, Lottie, William, Sacha and Elizabeth for their excellent work which has seen them become the 'Star Writers' for February. Well done to you all!

January 2019

Congratulations to Yasho (YR), Zoe (Y1), Akruti (Y2), Aron (Y3), Franklyn (Y4), Alex (Y5) and Lucy (Y6) who are the 'Star Writers' for January!

November 2018

Congratulations to Frances, Samraj, Anushka, Evie, Bea, Octavian, Eleanor, Richard and Rory who are the 'Star Writers' for November!

October 2018

Congratulations to Joshua, Charlotte, Kabir, Lottie, Sophie, Ella and Nikki who are the 'Star Writers' for October!