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Alert of the Month: Parents



App Alert: Fortnite – Battle Royale (PEGI Rating 12, App store 12+)
 Fortnite? an interactive, multiplayer military themed, online game where players go PvP (Player vs Player) to compete and battle against each other for ultimate survival and victory.   It's no surprise that this ‘free’, downloadable, online, ‘survival of the fittest’ adventure game is the current favourite amongst younger gamers.  It is available for all popular consoles and mobile devices and if your child is not playing it, then their friends probably are.  Problems are emerging with inappropriate in-game chat and contact, costly in-app purchases, wellbeing issues and its addictive game play.  These are common concerns for many online games.


Sim Simi 

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) social networking chat bot app that learns from conversations, questions and user’s responses.  This free app is full of pop ups and adverts, which asks personal questions and allows you to talk bout anything to anyone and then share it publicly.  It is easy to see how and why users misuse this app for online bullying and can believe they are talking to a real person because it allows users to ask the app to 'think for them' and creates a comment based on the conversation that is being had. 





‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 4’.  

This horror game is the latest in a series, designed to scare players with the ‘jump factor’.  The game is designed for ages 12+ but those with a sensitive nature should be aware.  This is not a game suitable for young gamers.  The game’s    atmospheric setting is designed to terrify and uses sound, graphics and suspense to create unease and intensity.  Set in  darkness, players need to keep themselves alive by hiding from demonically possessed toys that stalk them from inside wardrobes and under the bed.  This game should be played with caution as the psychological effects alone can be  enough to disturb sleep and play on young minds.   


Image result for snapchat


Online Bullying over Snapchat with the letter ‘X’

Several schools are dealing with issues relating to online bullying over SnapChat outside of school. Snapchatters send the letter ‘X’ to a snapchat friend, who then sends back the name of the ‘victim’. Other friends then compete online to share insults to see who can be the unkindest about the person who has been chosen, with upsetting and harmful consequences. This not a game is unacceptable, is dangerous and online bullying behaviour. Users of the app should be 13+. Therefore, we advise that the Snapchat app be removed from devices of children who are under the recommended age.