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Alert of the Month: Parents

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App Advice

Below, you’ll find a series of online safety guides (from National Online Safety) relating to the most common apps your children are likely to interact with.   


Momo Challenge:
The anatomy
of a hoax.

Apex Legends 



If your child plays Fortnite, then they may
already know about  Apex Legends: the
newest player on the battle royale stage.
Although the game is for a slightly
older audience, it’s great fun to play and
could possibly be the new gaming craze of 2019.
 It has a PEGI 16 ratingfeatures more
gun play and gory scenes and can
encourage binge playing as battles last from 20-30mins.


How safe are your children online? 


Recently we created a quiz and asked everyone in school to complete this.  See the results below and how you could help at home to stay safer. 



  1 Year 1 & 2:
  2 Year 3 & 4:
  3 Year 5 & 6: