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Alert of the Month: Parents


App Advice

Below, you’ll find a series of online safety guides (from National Online Safety) relating to the most common apps your children are likely to interact with.   


Apex Legends 



If your child plays Fortnite, then they may already know about  Apex Legends: the newest player on the battle royale stage. Although the game is for a slightly older audience, it’s great fun to play and could possibly be the new gaming craze of 2019.   It has a PEGI 16 ratingfeatures more  gun play and gory scenes and can  encourage binge playing as battles last from 20-30mins.

Momo Challenge:
The anatomy
of a hoax.


Summer Safety Tips


Gaming: what parents and carers need to know. 

As with any form of technology or online space, adult offenders can use gaming platforms to target children and build relationships with them.  This article explores the different elements of gaming and how they can be used by offender as well as what you can do to support your child whilst gaming.


Sharing pictures of your children online

Lots of parents love sharing photos of their children with friends and family, particularly when they are on holiday or starting the new school year.  A recent report found that 42% of young people reported that their parents had done this without asking their permission.  Our article helps parents to protect their child while staying social.


Keeping your under 5 safe online

Whether it's watching videos, playing games on their devices or talking to Alexa - today's under 5's are spending more time online.  In this article, we look at the benefits of children accessing the internet and share advice about how to make sure your child has a safe experience.


Live Steaming: responding to the risks

Many children enjoy live streaming as it can be used to showcase talent, develop communication skills and create identity.  Our article helps parents to understand why children love it, what the risks can be and how they can help their child stay safe if they are live streaming.


Parental Controls

Parental controls are a great tool for helping to protect children but should not replace open and honest conversations with children about their life online.  Share these tips on how to use parental controls effectively.

#WhoIsSam: Online contact and reporting to CEOP

Still image for this video
With the threat of offenders using online live streaming platforms increasing there is a need to educate children about the associated risks. #WhoIsSam is a short animation that highlights the importance of parents and carers talking openly to their children about: being safe online, healthy relationships, speaking out if anything happens online that worries them or doesn't feel right. The animation signposts to the Thinkuknow programme and the CEOP Safety Centre, where parents/carers can report directly to CEOP if they are concerned about the online sexual abuse or exploitation of a child.

How safe are your children online? 


Recently we created a quiz and asked everyone in school to complete this.  See the results below and how you could help at home to stay safer.