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Trips & Visits

Year 3 - Chiltern Open Air Museum, Autumn Term (History curriculum link)

The children are taken back to the Stone Age to get to grips with a range of practical skills used for survival thousands of years ago. Opportunities include fire-starting, den-making and tool construction.

Year 3 - Ancient Egyptian Day, Spring Term (History & English curriculum link)

We welcome History Off the Page to provide an exciting and immersive workshop where the children explore different aspects of Ancient Egyptian culture, through a selection of practical tasks, before the day culminates in a temple experience that provides inspiration for the children's writing.

Year 3 - Waddesdon Manor Trip, Summer Term (Science curriculum link)

The children explore the beautiful and diverse grounds of the manor house as part of their living things and their habitats science unit.

Year 4 - Buddhist Monastery Trip, Autumn Term (RE & Writing curriculum link)

To consolidate their RE topic and help to provide inspiration for their Jataka writing in English, Year 4 visit the monastery at Gaddesden to explore the setting and see the daily lives of monks and visitors.

Year 4 - Chess Valley Walk, Spring Term (Geography & Science curriculum link)

In support of their topic on rivers, Year 4 walk to the River Chess in the Chess Valley to recognise river features in action. They also make strong connections to the science curriculum using classifying keys to identify creatures in pond dipping and releasing the trout raised at school as part of the local Trout in the Classroom competition.

Year 4 - Echoes Trip to the Royal Albert Hall, Spring Term (Music curriculum link)

The children perform on their violins at this iconic venue as part of our commitment to an enriched and immersive music curriculum.

Year 4 - Verulamium Trip, Summer Term (History curriculum link)

To enrich their learning about the Roman Empire and its impact in Britain, the Year 4 children travel to St Albans to explore the ruins of Verulamium and the accompanying museum.

Year 4 - Tate Modern Trip, Summer Term (Art curriculum link)

To inspire their modern art topics of Pointillism and Pop Art, Year 4 take the tube into London and explore the Tate Modern Gallery recognising significant pieces of art and fuelling their creative ideas.

Year 5 - Ufton Court Residential, Autumn Term (History curriculum link)

Every year, the children enjoy a three day trip to Ufton Court immersing themselves in the lives of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. Children sample a range of skills and activities from history engaging in hands-on historical learning.

Year 5 - Bhaktivedanta Manor Visit, Spring Term (RE curriculum link)

Children spend a day visiting the manor house, shrine and beautiful grounds learning about many aspects of Hindu culture. The visit includes time in the shrine room, a presentation about Hindu beliefs and gods, and a delicious and nutritious meal.


Year 5 - Homefront '40, History Off the Page, Summer Term (History & English curriculum link)

The children dress up and arrive at school ready to be billeted back into rural Britain to escape the Luftwaffe bombing campaign. They experience their first morning in the village school before visiting the local shops with their ration books and coupons to wait in line and haggle for the best prices. 

Year 6 - Chesham Mosque Trip, Autumn Term (English, History & RE curriculum link)

The children spend the morning touring the mosque before interviewing the imam about the beliefs and practices of Muslim culture. They return to school on the Met Line from Chesham to Chalfont & Latimer.

Year 6 - Victorians 1897, Spring Term (History curriculum link)

The school hall travels back in time to the peak of the Victorian era. Children come to school dressed for the time and experience a morning in the classroom mastering their '4 Rs'. After lunch, the children become detectives exploring a range of Victorian artefacts to solve an investigation.