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Children at LCPS develop the confidence in their own skills and knowledge to be creative and explore with a range of media. Artists and artwork to study are carefully chosen to encourage success and a sense of accomplishment. 

We want children to develop a range of skills, studying a variety of different artists and artistic techniques throughout their time at LCPS without losing sight of the composition and production of final pieces. We want our children to develop artistic habits accepting mistakes, exploring their creative imagination and developing a sense of style.

Art is taught through a four-step process:


Understand - the artist and the inspiration for their work. Which artists and world events or trends shaped the work? How does this fit within a bigger timeline of artistic movements.


Explore - the techniques used to create the piece. Which tools and media did the artist use? Can we isolate and perfect particular skills.


Create - our own work inspired by the original. How can we make the work our own? What inspires us?


Review - evaluate their work and skill development as an artist. How does this compare to previous work? What challenges did you face? Did you overcome them?



Sample: Year 5 Outcomes