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Online Safety

Technology is developing at a speed not previously experienced, meaning that online safety is now an integral part of children’s education in today’s digital world.  The safety of your child online is something we take very seriously in school and is a vital part of our computing curriculum: with all children receiving 3 e-safety lessons every term.   We appreciate that it is an area that some parents find confusing and difficult to keep up with.  Therefore, we want to help our parents and children improve their own understanding of e-safety issues so they can learn to use the internet and all digital media in a safe and secure way. 


In April 2018, we introduced a team of Digital Leaders, who have been trained by the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. This aims to inspire young people to encourage others to use technology in a positive way in the school or local community.  The Digital Leaders are interested in technology, trust worthy and classroom role models and have a range of responsibilities, including: delivering assemblies, fundraising for new equipment and supporting peers in lessons.  They have also started to update their own page on the website to promote what they have been doing in school and provide monthly advice on popular (and potentially harmful) apps:


This presentation has been developed by the CEOP Education Team at the National Crime Agency (NCA). Thinkuknow is the national education programme from NCA-CEOP, dedicated to keeping children safe from sexual abuse and exploitation both online and offline.



Having recently reviewed and improved the level provision for Online Safety within our school, we are please to announce that our current level of attainment exceeds the average levels of other primary and secondary schools globally.  We are now taking the final steps towards the accreditation programme.