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Digital Leaders

If you have seen something that has upset or worried you online,

 ALWAYS tell a trusted adult who can help you report it 

and talk to you about it. 

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The Digital Leaders program has re started in January 2023.

This Year's Digital Leaders will be announced on the 23/02/24


What have we been doing this term? 

Not only have we completed our training and become qualified Digital Leaders - we finished the term in 1st place on the leader board.   


  • What is cyberbullying?
  • How can we help people who are being or have been cyberbullied?

Safe meeting

  • What information do we need to keep safe online?
  • What should we do if a stranger contacts us online and asks you to meet?

Being a good online friend:

  • What qualities makes a good online friend? 
  • How can we be a good role model for others in school?


  • What are the different types of things we can ‘Accept’ online?
  • When is it OK to open files online and when should we delete/ignore? 


  • How do we find truthful and reliable information online?
  • How can we help others in school find reliable websites?


We have also prepared activities during Anti bullying week and Safer Internet Day as well as encourage others to make digital resolutions and complete our esafety quiz.