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Languages are an essential part of a broad, balanced curriculum. Not only do they provide an opportunity to communicate more effectively with others, they also help children to understand what it is to be a global citizen. This includes the importance of tolerance and understanding, which is crucial knowledge in today’s world.

Primary schools have had a legal responsibility to teach languages since 2014. The first cohort of pupils that studied languages throughout key stage 2 moved to secondary school in September 2018. At LCPS French is taught in Years 3-6, with an emphasis on fun, building confidence and exploring the patterns in language through songs, stories and games.  There is also a French club for pupils in Year 2 providing a good foundation for foreign language teaching from Year 3 onwards.

We have specialist teaching in French and follow the Bucks Curriculum for Primary Modern Languages, which provides lots of resources for the Smartboard and worksheets for pupils as part of a scheme of work for KS2 French.  We are also fortunate that the PTA pays our annual subscription to Linguascope, a website which pupils can use both in the classroom and at home.  Our curriculum develops skills in speaking, reading, listening and writing, building on prior learning year on year and gradually developing accurate pronunciation and intonation.  In their speaking work pupils are encouraged to engage in their own short conversations, express opinions and respond to others.  In writing we work on accuracy, learning how to use a bilingual dictionary (the school has a class set) and understanding basic grammar, including masculine and feminine forms, conjugation of high frequency verbs and adjective agreement. 


In the summer term we have a French café run by the Year 5 and 6 children to celebrate Bastille Day on 14th July and to raise cultural awareness of French traditions and customs. All students in Years 3-6 get a chance to order (and eat !) French food and drink.