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Ready. Respectful. Resilient.

At LCPS, we encourage the children to take active roles within the community, particularly the older children who are the role models to younger year groups. Children participate in decision-making as members of the School Council, the Eco Council and the Head Boy, Head Girl and deputies. Lunchtime Leaders are chosen from Year 6 to provide activities and friendship advice during break times. Reading Champions, again from Year 6, organise the library, run reading clubs and share books with younger pupils.

House System

At LCPS, children are assigned to a 'house' when they join. They then represent their house in a range of competitions and opportunities each academic year.

  • Half termly house point totals - everyone collects points each day towards their house total which resets every half term.
  • Half termly competitions - events vary each term but have included charity collections for harvest, art and writing competitions, penpal letters to a school in Colombia.
  • The final half term's competition is always Sports Day.


House points are awarded to individuals in lessons for excellent work and for living the school values. These points contribute to the total for the house but also accrue for each child with certificates and rewards available for reaching 50, 75 or 100 points.


The Houses

The houses are named after the farms that the village was built upon. They are: Bendrose (Red), Burton (Blue), Coleman (Yellow) and Loudham (Green). Bendrose and Burton still exist, Coleman made way for the arrival of the trainline and station, along with Loudham. Reminders of them can be found in the street names in the village.