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Welcome to the LCPS PTA webpage!


We are a very active and friendly PTA. To find out more information about what we do, our forthcoming events and how money raised is being spent, please click on the links below.

You can contact us at

These pages are updated on a regular basis so do check in to see what's new.

PTA Members



Ravi Shah

Ravi Shah: Co-chair

Ravi has children in Y1 and nursery at the school. He is an investment banker by day and is in his second year on the PTA. Hopefully it has inspires other men to join the PTA!

Veena Chelani: Co-chair

Veena has a background as a director / company secretary and teaching assistant. She has a daughter in Y6 and she joined the PTA in 2017/18. “Everyone is there to help teach other and do an amazing job, whilst having a laugh and making such great friends along the way!

Jasneet Lad

Jasneet Lad: Treasurer

Jas is a mum of two boys - one at reception and one at another nursery. She works as an accountant for GE Healthcare. Like most parents of young children, she doesn’t have much spare time but she likes reading, baking, and shopping! She is excited to be part of a PTA “It’s a great way to meet other parents & feel more involved in my son’s schooling”.

Nikki Faulkner: Secretary 

Nikki has a daughter in Y3. She loves being a member of the PTA team to make a real difference to our children’s experience and development at school. She has been involved in fairs, camp nights, and leads on the LCPS shopping scheme now!

Dilpreet Chatha: Parent Member 

Dilpreet is a year 2 parent and this is her second year on the PTA. Her professional background is in tax and employee reward, but her current job is being a full-time mum! Definitely the harder job! She really values being part of our fantastic school community and the efforts of the PTA in supporting the school. 

Ali Barrett: Parent Member

Ali has a son in Y2 and a daughter in reception. She has a background in procurement consultancy, now working as a recruitment manager. She loves theatre and dance, especially ballet. She also enjoys creating occasions for the children, and parents, to get together and have fun. 

Jennifer Kendal: Parent Member

Jen has a son in Y2 & a daughter in nursery. She has a background in accountancy and undertook the treasurer role for the PTA last year! “I find being in the PTA immensely rewarding – especially when my son comes home from school, enthusiastic about an activity that I know was funded by the PTA! An example of this was “Now Press Play!”.

Aditi Srivastav: Parent Member

“I’m delighted to be a PTA member. It’s given me a chance to get creative and make new friends. I’m a mother of 2 boys, with one of them in reception. I work for a children’s rights NGO as a fundraiser, so I’m really excited to bring my fundraising skills to the PTA!”

Ramya Venkatachalam: Parent Member 

Ramya has two girls – one in Y4 and one in Reception. She is an Investment Banker, currently on a career break. She loves travelling and seeing new places and baking in her spare time. “The PTA is a great platform to meet other parents & to work with such a dynamic team who are doing such a wonderful job and contributing immensely to the school”.

Shirley Chow: Parent Member 

By day: Merchandiser currently on maternity. Shirley has a son in nursery and a baby girl. Shirley decided to join PTA to help out with the committee and enjoy some adult company instead of just changing nappies and feeding! “I have nominated myself to assist with the bar, so please just give me a shout with any future requests or suggestions on drinks.”

Kalvinder Kaur Birring: Parent Member

Kalvinder is a mum of 2 boys, one in Y1 and the other in Y3.  Having  been a full time mum since her  eldest was born she recently returned to work in the public sector. She enjoys walks and light jogs as well as cooking. I am looking forward to working with the PTA to learn more about the development the school is making & meet new people.

Anil Bellapukonda: Parent Member

Lucy Mountford: Parent Member

 PTA Staff Members

Mr R Hacking: Headteacher
Mrs McKale: Office Manager / PA to Head
Mrs Cook: Y6 Class teacher