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School Council and Eco Council

At LCPS, we promote responsibility for the children through a number of initiatives. Two of the main areas of responsibility include School Council and Eco Council. The children are selected by their classmates based on the manifestos and presentations that they deliver. Once in role, the children meet half termly with Mr Hacking bringing issues and ideas from their class to further improve the school.


School Council

School Council:

This year, the following children were elected as School Council representatives;

Year 1 – Daisy and Daksh

Year 2 – Imogen and Kieran

Year 3 – Alex and Selena

Year 4 – Hennie and Martha

Year 5 – Aron and Lottie

Year 6 – Storm and Arran

School Council meeting minutes



This year, the following children were elected as Eco-Council representatives;

Year 1 – Charlotte and Aarav

Year 2 – Bea and Kirpa

Year 3 – Annabelle and Teddy

Year 4 – Kabir and Anushka

Year 5 – Reva and Sammy

Year 6 – Bea and Liliana

One of the first priorities of the Eco-Council is to undertake an environmental review of the whole school. The children will be auditing our current provision and helping to create an action plan to improve our environmental impact. Over the coming year we will be working towards achieving some of the awards from Eco schools, as well as educating the school community about the benefits of saving energy and increasing biodiversity.

Eco Schools award certificates

Used ink cartridge recycling project: